Evolution 2011

The 2011 Evolution meetings are in town. Four days of scientific presentations on evolutionary biology, a field whose very existence many creationists would cast into doubt. Today was just the initial things – arrival, registrations, and workshops for K-12 teachers in Oklahoma. I headed over in the late morning, registered, and perused the (only partially set-up) displays by merchants. It is, I have learned, an important part of meetings. I love all things book-related, so browsing books and journals and chatting with publishers reps are fun.

Next up – the opening reception at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. I was planning to walk over there – it’s about a 20-minute walk, and at 7 pm it should have cooled down enough to make for a pleasant walk. Which just goes to show that I still don’t understand Oklahoma weather. At 7 pm it’s still 100°F (38°C). Granted, that’s down from 104°F (40°C), but it’s still ridiculously warm. And while I still expect the sun to set by 6 pm, it does nothing of the sort in Oklahoma in summer.

The conference proceedings look interesting. It’s not an ESA or ATBC meeting, but a lot of it is still within my general area of interest (and some isn’t. I don’t care about tools for building phylogenies, even if I do care about phylogenies – I’m a consumer of systematics, not a producer.) Anyway, scientific meetings are fun, any way you put it…

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