That went well…

I jumped out of hiding, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to take the world of blogging by storm. But somehow, nothing happened. Not a word appeared on my exciting new blog. Why?

Not having written anything for such a long time, I felt the need to come back with a bang. And two papers seemed to offer the opportunity to do just that – He & Hubbell’s controversial article Species–area relationships always overestimate extinction rates from habitat loss seemed like the perfect opportunity to write about something I know more than a little. Then came Davis et al.’s Don’t judge species on their origins. That article was especially timely – it appeared just a day or two after I read Scott Carroll’s Conciliation biology: the eco-evolutionary management of permanently invaded biotic systems. Carroll is one of Davis’ 18 coauthors and his ‘conciliation biology’ is an excellent introduction to the subject. The Davis et al. article, on the other hand, lacks nuance. More to the point though, the controversy it generated made it a great topic to blog about. It seemed really promising.

But then ten days passed. I wrote something for my Ramjohn family site, but that, for now, is a closed blog with perhaps one member other than myself. I tried to get started here. And I realised something. I’m not a blogger. I’m no longer comfortable throwing up short posts, throwing up a few links, shooting a half-formed idea out into the blogosphere. Not even here, where no one is going to read it.

If you feel the need to write something coherent, writing can be really hard. So what happens now? Do I learn to blog again? Do I stop blogging, but continue writing? Or does this just the world of stillborn blogs? Time will tell.

One thought on “That went well…”

  1. Well, for what it’s worth… I vote for you to carry on here! Give the blog a meaningful name and description and WRITE.

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