The rise and fall of science blogging

There was a time when I was a science blogger. Not a big deal, not a famous one, but my blog got a fair amount of traffic, and the occasional link from the bigger players. And though it’s been a decade, many of the people I met through science blogging continue to be part of my social media world.

Over the years, I gradually lost sight of the world of science blogs. When I created this site, I tried to set up a blogroll; since I no longer read blogs, I tried instead to create a list of ecology blogs. How times have changed. A decade ago, ecology blogs were very few on the ground, and plant ecology even more so. Now everyone has a website, and their website includes a blog. Few people update their blogs though, and by the time you discover something cool, it has probably gone quiet.

ScienceSeeker is a science blogging aggregator. The post, “On the evolution of the science blogosphere” was an interesting read about the rise and fall of science blogging. There was less decline than I had expected, which proved a pleasant surprise. But we’re not about to see a second golden age of the science blog.