The Curtisses of Big Rapids

Andrew Curtiss, a doctor and Civil War veteran, and his wife Harriet Louisa (née Miller) settled Big Rapids, Michigan, in the 1880s. They were both native New Yorkers who, after getting married in 1867, had migrated to the wilds of Michigan. Andrew and Harriet and buried in Highland View Cemetery in Big Rapids, as is their daughter Maud and her husband Clarence Weaver.

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Curtiss family plot, Highland View Cemetery, Big Rapids. Andrew’s graves is to the extreme right (with the US flag) while Harriet’s is next to it. There may be two other graves in front of the main monument; if so, these are probably Maud and Clarence.
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Headstone, Andrew Curtiss.
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Headstone, Harriet Curtiss.

Andrew’s grave bears an additional stone related to his Civil War service.

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Sergeant Andrew Curtiss, 154th New York Infantry.

Photographs courtesy Denise Hill.

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